Double Game / by Lasma Poisa

Collaborative project with Rosie Day 

During the collaboration micro project week I worked with Rosie Day, a student from my MA cohort I felt shared a similar approach to photography, both, conceptually and in terms of contextualising her work. When discussing our ideas, we considered timezones as we live 8.5 hours apart (Rosie lives in Portland, US, and I live in Manchester, UK). However, we settled on the image association 'game' where we would respond to each other's images, an approach inspired by the collaboration between French artist Sophie Calle and an American writer Paul Auster. We decided that I would create the first image and Rosie would respond to it. Other than that we had no other indication as to where the project would take us and how it would resolve itself. 

The first image I created was intuitive, I felt it offered a potential for the beginning of something; for unraveling, like a cocoon, from the wardrobe. After Rosie's response the narrative unfolded effortlessly, although the week was very challenging, labour intensive, yet rewarding. 

Within this I used several strategies, including portraiture and constructed images that were performative, with surreal elements. This involved me finding sitters on very short notice and negotiating with them to pose in scenarios that held the potential of placing them outside of their comfort zone. These images also bring back the energy from my previous work in terms of storytelling and symbolism. 

I really enjoyed working with Rosie and challenging myself. I found it inspirational to respond to her images and creating narratives. Technically this week was really beneficial for me as having limited time to create images meant that I had to come to terms with a camera flash, which I am very grateful for now. I would like to bring together strategies used during this week, both staged and observed, and potentially explore others in my future work, creating portraits that bring a more surreal quality to the pictures.