Project Development - Shoots 12 & 13 / by Lasma Poisa

I approached Jack and his girlfriend Neve (shoot 15)  when they sat opposite me on the train on my way back from work. They looked so cool, I really wanted to photograph them if not for this body of work, then for something else. I asked if they, by any chance, supported any political parties; with suspicion they replied - yes, the Labour. I was overjoyed. I told them about my project and they were happy to be involved. We exchanged our contact details and agreed to meet in early April.

I photographed Jack in his hometown Stockport where I picked him up after his Saturday job and we drove around in search for locations. I am really pleased with the outcome of this shoot even if, being late in the day, the flash appears more prominent than in my other images. 

Alice was my first point of contact when I first approached Manchester Momentum in search for participants. She has been instrumental in helping me to find young people to photograph, which was incredibly helpful. This was the third time I photographed Alice during this project and these are definitely the most successful images I have taken of her.