Project Development - Shoots 9, 10 & 11 / by Lasma Poisa

Apart from Labour, I have not heard back from any local political party representatives, members or supporters after contacting them a few weeks ago in search for participants. At this stage I realise that this project has to be about the young Labour supporters. I knew that it would be a challenge to find young Tories or Ukip in Manchester, which is fundamentally Labour, but I have not heard from even one Libdem or Green! I don't want to say that I have given up, but I am not going to waste my efforts with so little time left when I have so many willing participants representing Labour.

I found Shoot 6 quite difficult for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the composition was problematic due to the chosen location - Stockport Viaduct seemed like a great idea for a backdrop, but in reality was nearly impossible to frame successfully. Secondly, I struggled with the lighting as it was a miserable day and the viaduct was casting quite a lot of shadow so exposing correctly was really hard. I feel like the photos are overwhelmingly dirty brick brown, which is a shame, because I really liked working with James and the fam. 

Dan is a candidate for the 2018 election in Offerton. We met by the Stockport town hall (his chosen location) and wondered off from there on. Dan knew his pose - he had obviously practiced posing for photos. It was quite nice to have a more formal approach to the photo as most of my sitters have been quite casual. I prefer the photos with the red tie as it feeds in the red thread going through this project. 

Oscar was really easy to photograph, the shoot didn't take long at all. He had planned his locations, every single one worked really well. We got strong photos really quickly in each location and there was little editing to do. It was quite difficult to pick the final image for the portfolio, but I settled for the one with the residential houses in the background as I felt it worked the best with the other images my portfolio.