Contextual research / by Lasma Poisa

Here are some photographers that were suggested to me during portfolio reviews at the recent Falmouth f2f event. They are all relevant in one way or another. Mostly these are photographers exploring the themes of identity through photographing types of people with different approaches to portraiture.    

Stephen Gill Trolley Portraits

Documenting people that use trolleys. I can see why this work was suggested to me, it is exploring identities of a type of person, the images are consistent in their composition, shot from a low viewpoint in a portrait format. 


Jenny Lewis One Day Young

Documenting mothers with a one day young baby. I really enjoyed Jenny's talk at Falmouth, I found it very inspirational and encouraging. I really liked her approach in finding participants - though social media and word of moth. She raised some interesting points regarding sharing the work on social media - whether we should post fresh images or wait in case there is an opportunity to exhibit in a gallery. I personally think that it is good to share work, especially in the early stages in one's career. I do not think that I will be approached for exhibitions any time soon, so if I don't share my work on social media, it will probably not be seen by anyone. Besides, posting the work has raised awareness of my project and helped me to gain more participants.  


Tina Barney Europeans

Documenting Old World elite, exploring different type of person with varied approach to portraiture. I guess in my current project all my portraits are quite uniformal and it is good to look at photographers whose approach is broader. Something to consider for future projects. 


Alessandra Sanguinetti The Adventures of Guille & Belinda

Documenting two adolescent girls. I really love this body of work, though it is more relevant to the work I did before starting my MA, particularly of my Turning of the Sun project. I will refer back to this work in my future projects as I am inerested in a similar subject matter and aesthetic. 


Benjamin McMahon Portraits

An example of varied approach; photographs taken of famous people by the same photographer through different approaches to portraiture.