Project Development - Shoots 14, 15, 16 & 17 / by Lasma Poisa

After taking the striking portrait of Isaac during Momento Disco Valentino (, I knew I wanted to photograph him again on location for my final portfolio. I spotted him again on the train a few weeks later and approached him to exchange our contact details. After few attempts, I finally managed to meet him at Levenshulme train station for a quick shoot on a sunny Saturday morning. 

I am happy with the images we took, yet editing proved to be a bit of a challenge. I had not organised myself very well setting up the camera, which I normally do before each shoot, and devastatingly, I realised I had photographed shoots 14, 15 and 16 in L jpeg instead of raw. This meant that not only editing images would be difficult to make them visually consisted with the others, but also that I would not be able to print these in any great scale if I ever wanted to exhibit. 

I have been approached by Manchester Momentum to exhibit this body of work during a political festival they are organising in October 2018, a great opportunity to show my work in a political context. Unfortunately I will have to see if I can include images from these three shoots due to low res files.   

I photographed Neve in Manchester's Northern Quarter in another quick and successful shoot. We shot in a few different locations and almost every shot looked great as Neve is very photographic and aware of her own image. I would love to photograph her again in a more fashion context as she has got a very strong look as a model. I took a few shots of Neve and Jack together, but I feel that the stronger images are of her alone.

One of my last shoots was with Beth in Whalley Range on a late and wet Sunday afternoon. At the time I wasn't worried about the low light and bright flash contrast as I believed I could balance it out in camera raw postproduction. It wasn't the case as I had shot everything in jpeg so editing was very tricky. I think that images would have been stronger if they were shot raw in a better lighting conditions. Also, I feel that compositionally these are not my strongest images as we were running out of daylight and restricted by location.

My final shoot was in Salford with Florrie. By this point I was quite exhausted from the amount of photoshoots I had done so I was quite pleased that this was the last one, for now anyway. We wondered around the university park and every location we picked looks great in photos. 

I guess on some levels this body of work is not only about the young people that are politically engaged, but also about the place as the locations have been very important in my images. I have picked wide shots with prominent backgrounds that are in focus. The locations include industry, nature and residential areas. They are not always places that one could necessarily identify as Manchester, but they certainly celebrate the city and the youth that will be shaping the future of this place.