Project Development - Shoots 5, 6, 7 & 8 / by Lasma Poisa

For my CRJ I am picking the best photos from each shoot to demonstrate my decision making process behind choosing my edit. I decided not to post contact sheets as there are just too many images and I feel that in this instance it is not about quantity, but quality.

Having worked out the strategy, my photoshoots were quite straight forward from this point on. I photographed Sam in a couple of locations near Manchester Piccadilly Station. Unfortunately it was a very sunny day as I really don't like photographing in the sun due to harsh, contrasting shadows. I decided to use 17-40mm lens with Canon 5DSr, although I decided not to use fill flash for this particular shoot. 

Shoot 6 with Amrit went well, we were wondering around Salford looking for locations that would look good in the photos.  I used the same setup as the shoot before adding a fill flash. For my portfolio I chose the image of Amrit in the field with construction site behind  him as I feel this is the strongest image from the set. The others feel a bit too tight, almost claustrophobic. 

I met Peter at the Whitworth Art Gallery, he wanted to be photographed by a graffiti a few streets down. From the start Peter raised concerns regarding his image appearing on my website or any other social media platforms. Happy to be photographed, he wished for the photos to be private as he was worried to be associated with the Momentum movement and that this could somehow damage his reputation within the party. I explained that the project is not about Momentum and that if I was to photograph him, the images would have to be in a public domain. I also reassured him about the purpose of this work, that my aim was to empower my sitters through photography and portray political youth in a positive light. At the end Peter was very happy with the images.

Irene was my final sitter of that weekend. It was a ridiculously cold Sunday afternoon when we headed to the location in Levenshulme. It was a quick shoot, we didn't experiment much as I was aware that she was getting really cold and I felt responsible for her wellbeing. I managed to get a strong shot within the first few minutes though we tried a few variations of the frame.