Project development - Shoots 1 & 2 / by Lasma Poisa

Chames was one of the first people to get in touch to take part in the project. As I was still working out a strategy for the project development, I asked him to pick a location that somehownwas important to him. He chose Cringle Park in Levenshulme, Manchester. Chames had a very confident stance and it transpired in the photos. 

Technically I was using Canon 5D Mk IV with a 35mm lens. I did not use a fill flash for this shoot which I introduced later on in the project. The lens turned out to be optically disappointing and un-sharp, even though aesthetically I liked the slightly wider angle to my usual 50mm lens. I was testing out both landscape and portrait format to see which one worked more succesfully. 

Shoot 2 turned out to be a bit of a disaster. I went to photograph Momentum guys in a house they share in Chorlton, but I run out of memory within the first 5 minutes (which was very embarrassing). To get at least some photos I had to keep deleting less successful shots within the camera.

I struggled composing the photos and didn't feel able to direct my sitters as I just did not know what kind of look I was after, or even, how to visually translate the message I was trying to convey - of the strong political youth.

I used Canon 5D Mk IV with a 35mm lens with a bounce flash, but totally forgot to take any photos in a landscape format. It was not a successful shoot in my opinion, but at least I learned what  I did not want and what did not work. 

Shortly after my first two shoots I had a 1-1 tutorial with Michelle and talking to her really helped me to take this project in the right direction. She helped me see the difference between the two shoots, how successful or un-successful the images were and whether they conveyed the message I was trying to communicate. This was a really important in terms of my decision making process for the future photoshoots. Therefore the landscape photo of Chames in the field determined the aesthetics for the whole body of work.