Constructed Realities / by Lasma Poisa

This week we covered constructed approaches to photography looking at photographers such as William Eggleston, Jeff Wall, Gregory Crewdson and Tom Hunter.

I have always been interested constructed imagery and tableau photography. My own work is staged and performative in nature. I am particularly interested in the crossover between documentary and staged image, similar to Tom Hunter’s work, I feel that my project ‘Turning of the Sun’ is both – documentary and staged.

I love images that carry a narrative and have the potential to develop into something else; the cinematic images that are tense and ambiguous, of impending doom, creating narratives in our minds. I was trying to achieve this in my images during the micro project week in Positions and Practice module and would like to take this further in my future work.

I think that preoccupying oneself with the ‘truth’ of the photography within contemporary art is unnecessary. It is important in reportage photography, but not so much in documentary photography. Tom Hunter’s images are no less real in what they represent only because they are staged.

Jeff Wall’s describes photographers of being either the hunter or the farmer. The hunter tracks down and captures their subject matter as pray. The farmer cultivates, constructs and tends to his image over time. (Wall, in Horne, 2012).

In my photographic practice, I am definitely the farmer. My intention is to invent motives, create narratives and explore the new realities I have created, even when the imagery is subtle in its nature. I don’t find the idea of hunting for the image or the ‘decisive moment’ interesting or exciting, I find that type of photography very masculine.